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Do You Really Need a Website ?

Q) So, why would a web developer talk themselves out of selling you a shiny new, all singing-all-dancing website ?

A) Because the internet is about more than just websites. ?Times have changed and so have the habits of the internet user.

Other than websites, the internet comprises of numerous other ways to communicate information. ?We all know about Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and these new ?things? called Blogs and Forums.? There?s YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.

It could seem like in the blink of an eye a new method of sharing our every thought becomes the days hot news.? Its complicated ? or is it ?

What if, like visiting a doctor you could be given sound advice about these ?things? ?

If the advice didn?t involve nasty contracts, chin scratching web designers and pushy SEO companies with their scary terminology.? Wouldn?t you opt for a little sound advice first before committing your company?s profit and valued resources ? ?We would.

Ok, here?s the crunch. ?Our service is not free of charge. ?(long pause)? But, nor is your accountant. ?He/she no doubt saves you money because they know how to, so, their costs are canceled out by the savings you make. ?One cancels out the other whilst keeping your best interests in mind. ?Indeed, your accountant is there to save you even more money in the longer term. ?That is exactly what we do.

Our services are about advice, diagnostics and linking you to a better online existence. ?They include a no-nonsense appraisal of your current online status. ?If your website is too complex or off target, maybe you don?t yet have one and need pointing in the right direction.

So, ask yourself again, “Do you really need a website” ? We will offer a solution which will make far better use of your company resources.